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BottomFeeder - Betrayals CD

by BottomFeeder


1. The Double Cross
2. At the Hands of Ares
3. Expendable
4. The Ruiner of Everything
5. Suburban Warzone
6. Dead, But No Longer Dreaming
7. The Fall of the Tyrant
8. Fratricide
9. The Gods of Carnage
10. Slaves
11. On Our Own
12. Medusa Reborn

On January 6th, the world lost a great man in John Barlow long before his time. Most people know him simply as the singer of Animalhaus, we knew him as a friend. In John's passing he left behind a wife and infant child. Because we take care of our own, we have not only dedicated the record to his memory but are donating a dollar from the sale from every CD sold directly to John's son, Ian. - BottomFeeder